12th Jul 2018


The Modern Day Bachelorette’s Party

Stray away from the conventional bachelorette’s party where everyone’s giving out their gifts while wearing cute dresses, talking about the plans after wedding, when do they plan on having a baby, and all of those things. I don’t see anything wrong with that but it’s not really fun anymore, and having a bachelorette party revolves around enjoying the life before walking down the aisle. Hosting this party is in the hands of the bridesmaid, so better make sure that she enjoys every moment of that party and never have a dull moment.

Hit the bar

Clubs have been one of the first place to stop for every parties and sometimes it is where it also ends. You could always avail a vip lounge that are meant to celebrate the party there without being crowded, hear every beat of the songs that the dj plays, and have the best service to get your drinks asap. In clubs, you could evade any other questions that the bride is overthinking of or anything that is daunting her that just helps her loosen up and be relieved. It’s even better if they have topless waiters in Sydney.

Go to a hotel

One of the modern takes of bachelorette parties is going to a hotel, wherein at night is when the party really starts. There are a lot of companies out there that offer to organize the bachelorette’s party, and if you want to have an extra service on this one, they could provide you with male strip show or if not search one on the internet. Having to put this as part of the party is a great way of entertainment for everyone since they could perform a wide array of talents that is sure to make all the ladies have a good time.

Pamper time

If the bride and almost everyone just wants to have a relaxing day and have a sober party, then opt to go to spas where they offer everything that the ladies want and need. Get a trim, have their nails done, get an hour and a half long full body massage, go to the jacuzzi, hit the sauna, and just do everything that will rejuvenate, relax, de-stress, and unwind everyone from their busy lives. Or do this and go to the bar at night, go for whatever works for everyone.

Incorporate what the bride’s interests are

Bridesmaids are chosen for a reason, that is because they have known the bride for years and know everything about her. Bachelorette parties are all about what makes the soon to be wife happy while doing the things she loves with the people that matters to her most.