22nd Apr 2019


Is Nude Massage Good For You?

Nude, or more commonly known as Erotic Massage is the most controversial form of massage. It is simply because it is the most sexual type of massage. There are a lot of stereotypes and a lot of hush-hush revolved around the topic of nude massage treatments. More and more people are getting interested in the idea of nude massage but there are still those who avoid it because they find it either immoral or are not aware of it properly.

Techniques involved in nude massage Chatswood uses deliberate use of fingers and nail in the areas of bodies that cause arousal. This involves genital area too. One thing to understand about area is that it is one of the most sensitive area of the body simply because there are many nerve endings present in this area. When handled with care and proper technique, a healthy arousal can be caused.

The nude massage involves both the hands and the body of the masseur massaging itself against the body of the receiver in a tender and sensual manner. Lubricating natural oils are also used in this process which are also rubbed sensually on the body of the receiver developing sensations of arousal.

Contrary to common misconception, this sort of a massage is much more than passive sexual experience. The nude massage therapy has many benefits for the health. With each session, the clients will find their health to greatly improve. Some of this benefits are listed below.

Improves Blood Circulation

The friction with another body tends to rejuvenate the skin cells and allow a better passage of blood through the arteries. This regulates your blood circulation and allows more oxygen to brain which is ultimately extremely beneficial for your health.

Improves Erections

Women have known for ages that perineal massages can reduce pelvic pain and improve blood flow. A skilled sensual massage Sydney CBD in the genital area of men relieve them of prostate pain and erectile dysfunctions. Gentle stroke in this sensitive area causes the body to slow down, the pulse to decrease and the blood pressure to lower down.


The added benefit of nude massage is the self-assurance that comes with it. It increases the self-esteem of person giving them the confidence to handle their partner during intercourse. This gives room to passionate love-making and helps their systems to remain fit.

Enhances Relationships

If you’re in a relationship or married, nude massages can be extremely helpful for you to relax yourself and make yourself more open to your partner’s feelings. The massage helps you to be strong and allows you to have a longer love-making tendency which enhances your ability to experience pleasure. It strengthens the relationship you have with your partner and encourages healing on a deeper level.

3rd Apr 2019


Why One Should Go For Massage

Out of daily hectic routine, a person may feel tired and destructive mentally and physically and in such cases a person go for continuous medication and remedies to get rid of this mental and physical tiredness. After taking this medication in an excess amount, a person may become addictive to it and develop few more illnesses. The best way to reduce or element the physical and mental stress is to go for good and relaxing body massage. As body help in making improving the blood circulation and it also gives soothes effects to the mind and body. People feel late night massage in Surry Hills by closing eyes and with unharmed environment. A good massage is just not include the gentle and good hand but it also includes the good environment around. As if think of a situation where person is getting is good and gentle massage but too much distraction around, there will not be any benefit of such massage as massage gives the soothing effect to body and minds as well.

Moreover, a person with illness of body pain, joint pain, knee pain and all other body related pain should also go for good massage as good massage helps in opening the block veins and help body to work more flexible as ever before. The soft and gentle touch of hand can give relief in pain as well as make the person fresh and feel healthy. However, there are few medical conditions in which massage do not work but that are few of exceptional condition and in such conditions one should go for massage only after getting concern from their doctor. Visit https://www.silverfoxmassage.com/pyrmont for adult massage.

Moreover, as it is important for the person to choose massage over the medications it is also important for the person to choose a right massage center for self. Choosing a right massage center is like giving the money and time to the right place. As unharmed massage is important, it is also important that a place from where a person gets massage should be safe and comply with all the safety conditions. As body, massages are sensitive issues that no one wants to get it publish. In this regard, choosing a Silver Fox Massage is the smartest choice for women as they provide different types of massage and having the professional women who give massage and do the magic with their figure. The women there are smart and beautiful which can give a same effect to the women come for massage. Talking about the conform environment of massage they have conform and warmth room along with the beautiful shower rooms where women can get fresh after getting good massage without any doubts.